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Mastering Observability: OpenTelemetry Fundamentals

EMEA - Aug 13 | APAC - Aug 14 | USA - Aug 15
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Join this insightful session with Steve Lerner to master your observability skills with OpenTelemetry. Understand the fundamentals of OTel in detail and gain greater visibility into your logs, metrics and traces.

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Event Duration: 1 hour

Aug 13, 2024
03 pm CEST | 2 pm BST

Aug 14, 2024
4.30 pm IST

Aug 15, 2024
1 pm ET

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OpenTelemetry enhances observability by standardizing metrics, traces, and logs, ensuring seamless monitoring across distributed systems. Its flexibility and community-driven approach foster innovation and easy integration, simplifying observability adoption.

Join this engaging session to explore Observability and OpenTelemetry in detail. Discover their significance and practical application in modern tech environments.

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Introduction: Learn about Observability and the universal role of OpenTelemetry in telemetry data.
  • Deep Dive: Practical examples of using OpenTelemetry Collector, APM tracing instrumentation, and Real User Monitoring (RUM) with take-home examples.
  • Q&A: Interactive session to answer all your OpenTelemetry questions.

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Meet the Speaker

Steve Lerner
Steve Lerner
Director of Technology Solutions, Coralogix