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Real User Monitoring

User Session Replay

Track, record, and replay every step of your users’ interaction with your website or application. Analyze and correlate real-time data for rapid response to critical issues. Gain insight into user flow for improved conversions and high user satisfaction.

Supported Frameworks

Visualize all user sessions

Visualize user engagement with a comprehensive overview of active and past user sessions. Gain immediate insights into user engagement patterns and session durations at a glance. This empowers you to efficiently prioritize enhancements and fixes by identifying aspects of your application or website that need optimization, for enhanced user satisfaction.

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Deep exploration of user behavior

Dive deep into user behavior with our detailed view of all user actions. Monitor every click, input, navigation, and error as they happen. Understand your users’ journey through your application with complete clarity. This enables the creation of more intuitive user interfaces by revealing the natural pathways users take, leading to increased usability and customer retention.

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Resource performance at a glance

Quickly identify bottlenecks and optimize load times with full visibility into all resources loaded on a page. Assess performance impact for any contributing resources for immediate remediation and optimized user experience. This is crucial for you to ensure faster website load times and smoother user interactions.

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On-demand user session playback

Gain unparalleled insights into how your users interact with your application using Session Replay. Detect performance issues, fix errors, and analyze usage patterns and design flaws by recording and replaying actual user sessions. Visualize the user’s journey through your application to pinpoint errors in context and optimize your user experience.

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Proactive problem solving

Instantly spot any errors encountered during user sessions and drill down into the relevant code. Troubleshoot any issues and reduce downtime for a delightful user experience. With real-time error detection and deep insights, this feature is indispensable for proactively enhancing application stability and ensuring a seamless user experience.

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Data correlation in a click

Dive even deeper into the relevant logs created during the users’ session in your application. Gain comprehensive context and insights about the actions, exact situation and the problems that the user encountered so you can confidently determine the issues that need to be resolved.

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