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Reduce the cost of your log data

Take control of your log data storage with customized ingestion strategies while maintaining critical visibility.

Are you overpaying for log data?

Many organizations today are faced with the ballooning problem of log data storage costs. According to a recent IDC survey, half of organizations process over 100GB of log data per day and 53% of respondents pointed to cost of data storage as a key challenge. While some organizations opt to shorten the time that log data is retained, the vast majority of log data go unused – begging the question, are all logs created equal?

Optimize your data to save 20-50% on log storage

In order to cut down on cost and lower the noise from unnecessary logs, Coralogix provides a set of tools and reports to effectively manage your ingested data allowance by controlling which logs are saved for analysis. Easily add rules to filter out log messages from specific applications or subsystems, as well as by log severity levels. Keep just the data you need and achieve the perfect balance of costs.

Log Integration Options

Painless Integration

Easily ship your logs to Coralogix with a wide list of supported integrations, or just ask our support team do it for you.

Less Noise, More Signal

Less Noise, More Signal

Get alerted automatically when something isn't right. Reduce log noise with instant clustering and quickly correlate logs.

Fast log queries

Blazing Fast Queries

No matter how much your log data increases, you'll experience some of the fasted query speeds in the industry.


Support CI/CD Practices

Integrate Coralogix into your pipeline to get automatic visibility into the performance of each version released.

"Over 1TB of daily logs was becoming harder to manage and make sense of. On the first day of using Coralogix, we already got new insights that we were not able to see before"

Dekel Shavit, CISO


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