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Tired of the hidden costs, complexity and security risk of the ELK stack? Coralogix provides an ELK-like, managed, secure & scalable service. Fast, powerful search. No complex setup. No vendor lock.

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Familiar Syntax and Visualization

Avoid vendor lock-in while enjoying the power of one of the largest OSS communities in the world. Migrate your Kibana visualizatios and alerts, or start from scratch with our fanatic support teams.

Avoid Unecessary Cost and Risks

Focus on creating value for your customers instead of managing your own ELK stack. Use Coralogix Streama data prioritization to reduce your total cost of ownership.


Secure and audited user access, SSO, RBAC, Teams, Application/Subsystem segregation.

Secure by Design

Coralogix is fully compliant with the highest standards of privacy and security and provides multiple geographic data centers for compatibility with various local privacy laws.

Easy Parsing

Send any log of any format and get a complete solution including auto parsing, data enrichment, and an easy-to-use parsing wizard to help deal with any data source.

ML-Powered Anomalies & Alerts

ML-powered dynamic alerts can detect abnormal activity without needing fixed thresholds. Proprietary Coralogix anomalies inform you about unanticipated problems without the need for setting up alerts in the first place.

Auto Log Templates

The only solution in the market to automatically cluster millions of logs at ingestion for faster investigations, higher level analytics and more accurate anomalies.

Live Tail

Real-time, developer friendly live tail so that you can view all your logs from all your servers in one place and with zero latency.

100+ Integrations

Ship your logs from any data source at any format using over 100 integrations. Integrate by yourself, or ask for a free integration session with one of our experts.

24/7 White-Glove Support

Totally offload the support of your Observability stack to our dedicated support staff. 24/7 customer support for data processing, visualizations, querying, and setting up alerts.

“The best ELK logging solution on the market”

David Virtser - Head Of Infrastructure

What’s the true cost of ‘homegrown’ ELK?

Get all of the benefits of an ML-powered logging solution at only a third of the cost and with more real-time analysis and alerting capabilities than beforaSee the Total Cost of Ownership of the ELK stack broken down into visible costs and hidden costs. A tool may have a respectable price tag but have significant costs hiding beneath the surface.e by defining the data pipeline based on its business value.

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