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Proactive Monitoring

Realtime Monitoring designed to build software faster. Monitor your applications and infrastructure in the context of your CI/CD to enable faster feedback loops and continuous improvement

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ML Anomalies

Error Spike Anomalies
Instead of defining dozens of static alerts, get automatic notifications whenever the ratio of errors in any of your components spikes.
Flow Anomalies
Know when your Software flows are not behaving as usual without predefined rules

ML powered Alerts

The most extensive alerting mechanism in the market. Track the critical parts of your system and SLOs using advanced alerts. Includes:

  • Dynamic thresholds
  • Ratio between queries
  • New value detection
  • Cardinality alerts
  • Sequences of queries

Version Benchmarks

Reduce the stress and uncertainty that comes with each production deployment. Integrate Coralogix to your CI/CD pipeline and get automatic impact analysis reports on each change you make.

Live Tail

A developer friendly, real-time pre-index live tail so that you can view all your logs from all your servers in one place and with zero latency.


Define Coralogix as an additional data source to your own Grafana, or use our hosted Grafana service for maximum value from your metric data

Kibana Dashboards

More reliable, more performant. Avoid vendor lock-in, enjoy faster queries, and migrate your existing Kibana visualizatios for smooth onboarding

Developer Friendly CLI

Coralogix provides CLI access to your log data, whether indexed or not. Get the ease of use and simplicity of a CLI with access to a centralized logging environment

Integrates with your workflow

Route notifications and automations to any endpoint, whether its your incident response, task management, or collaboration tools, Coralogix seamlessly integrates so insights are now part of your workflow

“We can quickly see what percentage of transactions are errors vs successful”

Fel Bautista - Principal Engineer at UCSF

Empowering the CI/CD process with Optimized Logging

Logging acts like the eyes of an organization, but the insights offered by logging is only effective when it's optimized with the best practices outlined in this eBook.

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