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3-Click SIEM

Fully secure your cloud environments within minutes. Bake prevention and compliance into your deployment model for scalable security

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1. Deploy

Deploy the Coralogix STA

2. Mirror

Mirror traffic to that server

3. Analyze

Analyze with over 50 dashboards, alerts, and forensic backup

How it Works

Enable Coralogix
Cloud Security

With a few clicks, detect security threats across all of your network traffic without any setup, collectors or parsing


Connect any source of information to complete your security observability, do it on your own, or use our certified collectors


Detect security threats across your cloud environment without and setup using over 50 predefined dashboards and alerts


Use Coralogix custom webhooks to automate your response or use our integration with top security incident management tools


Prebuilt Security Dashboards

SSL Dashboard
Files Dashboard
DNS Dashboard
Software Dashboard
Bro Dashboard
Snort Dashboard

Get 50 predefined dashboards or easily build your own using our variety of visualization tools

Tackle Threats In Minutes

Improve your cloud security and start identifying threats today, no complex setup, no data standardization, no uncertainty of your coverage

End-to-end Forensics

Go from alerts to events to forensics in minutes

Automated Rules & Alerts

Get more coverage than your team is capable of producing and achieve less false positives with our automatic and constantly updating alerts, automatic blacklists, and threat signatures

Reduce False Positives

Reduce analyst fatigue and manpower currently wasted on false positives. Includes anomaly detection, constantly updating IP blacklists, baby domain detection, updating with the latest security signatures, and dynamic alerts.

Optimize your costs

Security logs are most of the time low value and high volume data. Coralogix helps you achieve full production coverage including alert, anomalies, dashboards, and more, without the cost of indexing and storing raw data

“It checked all the boxes for a unified platform”

Florent Bruel - Solution Architect

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Intrusion Detection

AWS confirmed endpoints and direct secure connection from your VPC for enhanced security

Enterprise Monitoring

Draw conclusions quickly by monitoring all AWS logs in one location

Log Management

Coralogix takes less than five minutes to set up, delivering results faster than traditional log technologies

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