Alert webhooks

Coralogix allows you to define the payload that you wish to send when an alert is triggered, once a general webhook is defined in your settings, it can be added to any new alert you create. You can create multiple webhooks, and assign one or more to your alerts. 

To define your webhook, follow these steps: 

1) Go to settings: 


2) Choose “Integrations”, then click the ‘+’ icon to add a new integration:

add webhook coralogix

3) Choose “Webhook” and fill your destination URL. This will send alerts to your destination. 

create alert custom webhook coralogix

4) To create a custom alert payload, click “Edit Payload”:

coralogix edit webhook

You can add/remove fields as long as you keep a valid JSON format. 

5) Click save: 

save webhook Coralogix

6) In your alert, go to the ‘Notification settings” section and choose your newly defined webhook. 

7) If you don’t see your new integration under your alert definition, try to refresh your browser

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