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Coralogix Alert Integration with Jira

A webhook is a standard mechanism for applications to communicate with each other. In this tutorial, we’ll describe how Coralogix can open an issue in Jira as a result of an alert being triggered. Currently, the integration is limited to opening an issue in Jira as a response to a Coralogix alert but it will be expanded in future releases.

In Coralogix, go to Settings->Webhooks and click on the ‘+’ sign on the right. Choose Jira from the integration options dropdown list.

In order to complete the configuration you will need the following information:

URL: The URL is https://YOUR-ATLASSIAN_DOMAIN.atlassian.net/rest/api/3/issue

API Token: Go to https://id.atlassian.com/manage/api-tokens, login with your credentials and click on “Account Settings”.

On the left Pane select “Security” -> and Click on “ Create and Manage API Tokens”

Click on “Create Token”

Provide a label which is easy to remember, and Click “Create”

Copy the token to be used in Coralogix’s .

Email: The email used in your Jira credentials.

Project Key: TThe project key can be found within the parentheses to the right of the project name in the “Projects” dropdown list


In the Coralogix webhook integration form, Provide an alias, the name of the integration as it will appear when defining an alert, and click save.

You can test your integration by clicking on the ‘Test configuration” button. You should get a success message and a new test issue will be created in your Jira account.

Note: The fields sent in the payload are predefined based on the alert.