User defined alerts – be notified in real time

User-Defined Alerts: Real-Time Notifications

The user-defined alerts in Coralogix will allow you to obtain real-time insights based on criteria of your own choosing. It is a very simple process which grants users full flexibility, advanced alerting options, and real-time push notifications.

Here’s how it is done.

1) From the main dashboard, open the alert definition interface:

dashboard pointing on alerts

2) Then, click on the “ + “ sign:

coralogix alert definition

3) The final screen contains 4 sections. Here’s a breakdown of what you are to do under each:

  • First Section: Define the general alert parameters: Name, Alert severity, and Alert timeframe.
  • Second Section: Define the alert criteria: text/template, metadata, and log severity.
  • Third Section: Set the alert rule: whether you want it to alert immediately or you want to define a rule for More/Less occurrences per timeframe
  • Fourth Section: Define the notification you like to receive. It could be an e-mail address, Slack room (see instructions for Slack alias below) or both.

coralogix alert definition

To define a complex text alert based on a JSON format, hover the filter icon on the lefthand side of the text box and follow the syntax: 

coralogix complex text alert

The final step is to click on the ‘V’ mark on the right-hand side of the screen.

You’re all set! Now you can view your alerts: 

The “Alert logs” view shows the logs which triggered the alert:

alert logs view

“Logs” view shows all the logs prior and after the alert hit, with the hit itself highlighted:

full alert logs view

To add a slack notification to your alert:

1) Go to settings, click “integrations” and click the ‘+’ sign on the righthand side:

coralogix slack integration

2) Select “Slack”, add the desired alias (it’s best to use the Slack room name), add the room webhook, click save.

**To find your webhook, click here: (while logged in to Slack), choose the room name, click “Add incoming webhook integration” and copy the webhook you got into Coralogix. 

add slack to coralogix alerts

Enjoy a whole new world of actionable real-time insights on your production systems with Coralogix!

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