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Integrating Coralogix Webhooks with Microsoft Teams

Incoming webhooks are the simplest type of connector. They are a quick and easy way to connect a channel to your service, and are best used for scenarios that are unique to a particular team. Coralogix allows for the easy creation of webhooks integrations with other services like Microsoft Teams.


Configuration in Microsoft Teams

The first step in creating a Coralogix integration with “Microsoft Team” is to make sure you have configured the endpoint URL. If you don’t have one, go to ‘More Added Apps’ (three dots in the left pane) ->Click on “more apps” -> Select Connectors -> and Select “Incoming Webhook”

You will be prompted to“Add to a team”->

When you click on “Add to a team”, It will allow you to “Select a channel to start using Incoming Webhook”

Once you have selected the channel name, click on “Set up a connector”

Provide a “name” and click on “Create” as shown below.

Upon successfully creating the webhook, copy the endpoint URL at the bottom of the dialog box.

Configuration in Coralogix

Now Go to your Coralogix account, go to Settings -> Select “Webhooks” and click the ‘+’ sign on the right-hand side, choose WebHook (Microsoft Teams) and fill your destination URL with the one you copied from MS Teams

Click Save and then Test Configuration. It should show “Succeeded” and you will get a notification in your Microsoft Teams Channel.

The configuration is complete and you can now send alert notifications to your destination.