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Fields filters and counters

In every query that you run with Coralogix, the lefthand side of your results contains a smart filter which allows you to slice your data according to any mapped field in your data, and get the updated counters of the results according to your selection.

Here’s how it works: 

1) Click the log query icon on your dashboard: 

2) On the lefthand side, you can see the filters panel of the default ‘Logs’ view. Adding columns (fields) to your view will add their matching filters on the filters panel. To learn how you can add columns to your view click here.

You can add filters by Clicking on ADD FILTER.


3) Choose the parameters of your investigation, add them as columns to your view and filter log entries by clicking on any checkbox within any given filter.

4) Don’t forget to click ‘clear’ before performing a new investigation.

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