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Integrate Coralogix with your GitLab deployment pipelines

Coralogix supports integration with GitLab webhooks, use webhooks to inform Coralogix when a new build is issued.

First, log in to GitLab using your Credentials, and navigate to your project page.

Go to Settings -> Integrations and add the following URL:

Note: For YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME and YOUR_SUBSYSTEM_NAME, use the name of the desired application/subsystem as it corresponds with your logs application/subsystem name. – must. You can add more than 1 subsystem name separated by a comma.

Include headers with the following properties:

  1. ‘Content-Type: application/json’
  2. ‘Authorization: Bearer <YOUR_Alerts & Rules & Tags API Key>’

The API key should be taken from Data Flow --> API Keys --> Alerts, Rules and Tags API Key

Coralogix Alerts API key

Next, select Pipeline events, and save:

coralogix integration to Gitlab

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