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Grafana Plugin

Add Coralogix as  data source  to Grafana version 7 and up.

log in to Grafana and click on the gear icon, and click add source

  1. Click to blue button ADD a Source.
  2. Type in the search Elasticsearch.
  3. Click select.
  4.  Choose a name to your data source. you can give it any name you like.
  5. In the URL please enter your end point (Choose your endpoint from the table below).
  6. Choose “Skip TLS Verify”
  7. Name the header: “token” and insert to the value your Coralogix Logs Query Key
  8. Name the index name “coralogix”, Under Patterns choose: “No Pattern”, time field name: “coralogix.timestamp” and Version “7.0+”


Available endpoints:

Account top level domainDefault IndexLogs2MetricsMetrics Index *

* For the metrics index the timestamp is “timestamp” instead of “coralogix.timestamp”

Useful commands in case you have Grafana installed on docker container.

  • List all your docker containers
docker ps -a
  • log in to your Grafana container
sudo docker exec -it "Grafana container ID" /bin/bash
  • restart Grafana
docker restart "Grafana container ID"

Add Coralogix as  data source  to Grafana version lower than version 7.

  1. Download the Grafana plugin YAML
  2. Add your company name under the “name key”
  3. Add your Coralogix Logs Query Key (Which you can find under Settings –> Account –> API Access)
  4. Copy the file to your data source provisioning folder in your Grafana server (default: /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources)
  5. Restart Grafana

Download Default YAML

Download Logs2Metric YAML