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Grafana plugin

Coralogix grafana plugin

To connect Grafana (Version 6.5.0+) through provision folder to your Coralogix data, follow the next steps: 

  1. Download the Grafana plugin YAML 
  2. Add your company name under the “name key” 
  3. Add your Coralogix Logs API Key (Which you can find under Settings –> Account –> API Access) 
  4. Copy the file to your data source provisioning folder in your Grafana server (default: /etc/grafana/provisioning/datasources
  5. Restart Grafana


To connect Grafana (Version 7.0.0+) through UI to your Coralogix data, follow the next steps: 

  1.  Choose a name to your data source
  2. In the URL please enter your end point (Choose your endpoint from the table below).
  3. Choose “Skip TLS Verify”
  4. Name the header: “token” and insert to the value your Coralogix Logs API Key
  5. Name the index name “coralogix”, Under Patterns choose: “No Pattern”, time field name: “coralogix.timestamp” and Version “7.0+”

Available endpoints:

Europe cluster:



India cluster:



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