Getting Started with Coralogix

This tutorial will guide you on your first steps with Coralogix and help you start enjoying reduced time to detect and solve production problems.

The first screen you encounter after signing up is the “Send your logs” screen. This screen contains your Company ID, Private Key, and the various integrations to Coralogix. Simply select the integration that suits your needs, and follow its instructions, you should be done in no time! (note that you can always go back to the welcome page, or view our integrations and tutorials on our integrations page).

After you’ve integrated, simply click the ‘Live tail‘ button at the top of the screen to see your logs arriving.
Note that the live tail only shows the live stream of logs so you need to send logs while you are connected to the tail.

See that your logs are arriving? Great!

No logs?

  1. Check that you implemented according to the tutorial and that your Company ID and Private key are inserted correctly
  2. Verify that you are sending logs while connected to the LiveTail
  3. Still nothing? Schedule your implementation session by clicking on the green bubble in the right bottom corner of your screen, and we’ll get you on board ASAP.

After we saw that the integration went well, Log query, Live tail, and User-defined alerts are fully functional, 24 hours after the data started arriving, Loggregation should also be working.

Now let’s head it to the dashboard!

At the dashboard, you can view your first log statistics! Log count from the past 24H, High severity logs for the past 4 hours, and a 24-hour distribution of your logs according to their severity note that the graphs are clickable.

Now our main timeline (at the left-hand side of the dashboard) is empty; Coralogix will automatically detect the first Flow anomalies after 72 hours of learning your software. Let’s define our first user-defined alert! Simply click the alert Icon or the link on your dashboard and follow this link.

Once an alert criterion is matched, it will appear on your insights timeline as a diamond shape, clicking it will lead you to the highlighted log record which invoked the alert, and the logs that have arrived from the same instance and the same timeframe.

After 72 hours of data sending, new flow anomalies will also appear on your timeline as a circular shape (in case anything broke of course). You can learn about flow anomalies here.

Now that you are all set, all that’s left is to check up on your dashboard and insight emails from Coralogix and use Log query and  Loggregation to get an in-depth view into your data in minutes.

After 5 days of sending data, you will start receiving the Coralogix daily error report,  with reports on new errors which have arrived at your system for the first time in the last 2 weeks.

To make the best of Coralogix, you are welcome to Schedule a 1:1 demo and we’ll walk you through step by step.