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Import archived logs


Coralogix allows you to import the data you archived in an easy and structured way. Simply use our proprietary Lambda function and have your archived logs back in your system in minutes.

To choose what to archive:

  1. Go to your Coralogix archive bucket, data should be stored there per the day and hour of the log entries.
  2. Choose the relevant hour to import and place it in a separate bucket.
  3. Note – Imported logs count as part of your daily quota.

Before using this Lambda try our Reindexing feature from the UI.

If you need to use a Lambda, the preferred and easiest integration method will be to use our AWS Serverless Application Repository. Search for ‘Coralogix’. Don’t forget to check the ‘Show apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policies’ box located just under the search field to see all available applications. Select your application of choice and click on it. You will see detailed instructions in the readme section on the left.

The rest of this document describes a manual configuration of this integration and the Lambda associated with it and should be used if there is a need for special customization.


Make sure you add the private_key environment variable when using this lambda.

1. Create an “author from scratch” Node.js 12.0 runtime lambda with an S3 read permissions 

2. At “Code entry type” choose “Upload a ZIP file” and upload “s3ToCoralogix.zip”


3. Add the private_key environment variable.

4. Choose the S3 bucket you want to get triggered by and change the event type from “PUT” to “Object Created(All)”

S3 bucket for coralogix

5. Click ‘Save’

Your all set! data would be streaming to Coralogix, need help? ping us on our in-app chat for tech support.