Integrating Coralogix Alerts with Opsgenie

Alerts in Coralogix can trigger new incidents and can be resolved in Opsgenie, depending on the settings chosen for each alert:

  1. When an alert in Coralogix has an Opsgenie webhook and its conditions are met, an event is sent to your service in Opsgenie. Different events from Coralogix will trigger a new incident in the corresponding Opsgenie service.
  2. If “Notify When Resolved” is set for the Coralogix alert, then once the conditions have returned to their designated normal range a Coralogix Resolve event will be sent to the Opsgenie service to resolve the alert status and associated incident on that service.

Configuration in Opsgenie:

  1. Open the main page of your Opsgenie account. Choose “Teams” tab (a team must be defined)
  2. From your Opsgenie Settings tab, select Integrations. Select your defined “Team”, and click on “Integrations” on the left pane
  3. Click on “add integration” and in the “Integration List”, search for “Coralogix”.
  4. When you hover your cursor it will show an “Add” option. Click on “Add”.
  5. You will see the integration endpoint. Copy it to be used in the Coralogix webhook definition in the next step.


Configuration in Coralogix:

Go to the Coralogix Settings->Webhooks page. Click the ‘+’ sign on the right-hand side, choose WebHook (OpsGenie), and fill your destination URL with the one you copied from OpsGenie.

Click save and then click the ‘Test Configuration’ button. You should get a success message. You should also see a test message when you log into Opsgenie.


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