Log query – simply retrieve your data

Coralogix brings a whole new approach to machine data analytics with its Loggregation and anomaly detection capabilities, but sometimes all you need is to query your data and get fast, reliable results.

Coralogix’s Log query brings an intuitive interface with flexible query options to allow you to query any data in seconds. In addition, Coralogix’s log query uses the unique capabilities of log template identification to enable you to query a log template regardless of its parameters without using any query language or defining regular expressions.


1- Click the query icon on your dashboard to open the log query interface

dashboard click query

2- Select your query type: Free text search or template search. Free text search will allow you to query your logs by any text or metadata. Template search will enable you to query a log record regardless of its variables and get all the results for that log event without using query language or regular expressions.

coralogix query type

3-Define the query parameters, text, and metadata, note that you can also run complex queries, just hover the filter icon for instructions

coralogix simple query

4- Click ‘Get logs!’ to run your query or ‘RESET’ to delete the query definitions

coralogix query run

5-Get your query results in seconds, filter sort or group them, and click the Loggregation tab to view the unique appearances of your logs and their variable models. To go back to your query form click the arrow at the top center of your log view screen. 

coralogix query results

6) To query the area of a log on your results simply mark that log, click the ‘query before after’ button, and select the desired timeframe. This will retrieve all logs prior and after the selected log from the same application and subsystem

coralogix query area

7) To view longer logs, mark a text for querying/alerting, or to separate JSON fields into columns, simply mark a log and click the 3 dots that will appear or press the ‘space’ button. 

coralogix info panel

Start using Coralogix now and enjoy a whole new world of simple and flexible ways to retrieve your data.

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