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Mapping Statistics

Having too many fields in your index can lead to a mapping problem. There is a default value of 1000 value which is put in place to avoid search and performance degredation.

Coralogix has added an option to allow you to keep and eye on these numbers and also keep an eye on your mapping exceptions.

Mapping exceptions happen when we see the same field with two different types. For instance, in a log received from your account we see a field as type string and in another log the same field has been received  as a number or a different type.

To check these stats, go under your account and click on settings, click account and select mapping stats.

The number in the corner tells you how many different fields we have seen over how many fields you still have in your index.


In the screen shot above you can also see the mapping exceptions. In the example we have no mapping exception. If it happens and you see a different number than (0). Click on the link ViewMappingDashboard which will take you to a second screen in which will show you the exceptions you have in your account.