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Pay as you go

‘Pay as you go’ is an option that offers flexibility without having to be locked-in in a contract. Coralogix has come up with a feature to allow you to pay to ingest up to 2X beyond your current plan with no commitment.

Note: Keep in mind that data ingested as part of the ‘Pay as you go’ plan will be charged at a rate 25% higher than the standard plan.

To activate pay-as-you-go, navigate to your account settings, on the left side, select ‘Pay as you go’.

Fill in the info for your payment method, and hit save.

If you have a custom plan, you will see the screen below, and you will need to contact Coralogix support to help you activate pay-as-you-go.

Note: It can take up to 5-min to deactivate your ‘Pay as you go’ plan.