Quota Usage Optimizer

The Quota Optimizer page shows which environments and components are consuming the majority of your account’s quota. The data is broken down by the level of log severity. This provides you with the tools needed to reduce noise, lower the cost of logging and avoid exceeding your quota with unnecessary logs.

Top Consuming Applications / Subsystems

This graph displays the past week of your quota usage broken down by either Application or Subsystem (click on the toggle on the top left of the graph to change it).

Hover on the stacked bars to see which applications or subsystems are consuming the most of your quota and whether you need to add block rules to reduce usage. Use the dropdowns on the top right of the graph to filter specific Applications and/or Subsystems.


Usage Details

The usage details table displays the usage of all applications and subsystems, sorted by the top consumers. Click on any row to view the application/subsystem usage broken down by level of severity. This makes it easy to block unwanted logs. If you spot a resource and severity that is consuming a large portion of your quota and you deem the logs unnecessary, click on the “Block” button and these logs will no longer be ingested into Coralogix and will not be recoverable. Use the dropdowns on the top right of the graph to filter for specific Applications and/or Subsystems.

Warning: Logs that are blocked cannot be restored in Coralogix


Once an Application/Subsystem severity is blocked, the rule will appear in the left side panel.

To pause a block rule, click on the blue toggle button.

To delete a block rule, click on the ellipsis (3 dots) icon on the top right of the rule box and click “delete”.

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