coralogix data reindexing from S3

Coralogix ‘Reindex’ feature allows users to easily reindex S3 archive logs using the Coralogix UI. This enables you to store more of your log data in cheaper storage and take advantage of this new Coralogix capability.

In order to use this feature make sure you have set Read/Write permission to your AWS S3 archive bucket. If you don’t have such permission you will see the following screen:

Click on the appropriate button and you will be guided through the configuration process:

At this stage, when going into the Reindex screen, you will see an indication that there are no reindexed logs to show:

Click on the ‘Reindex archive’ archive button and the following dialogue box will open:

In the top section, you will fill the Reindex name and description.

In the following section, you’ll enter the applications, subsystems, severity, and time frame criteria for the reindex.

The lower section will show you the import time, as well as a volume estimate. This volume will be counted against your quota.

After clicking “Reindex archived data’ you will be asked to verify your selection as it will affect your daily quota.

After clicking ‘CONFIRM’ you will be taken back to the main Reindexing window. The window will show Reindexing tasks. Each task can be in one of these states:

  • Completed – Ready to view logs
  • Failed – The reindexing process failed. You have the option to retry or create a new Reindex.
  • Processing –  ‘REINDEXING …’ is displayed while the reindex process is underway

After processing is finished you can click to go to the logs screen to view and analyze your reindexed logs.

Reindexed Logs, like any other of your logs, will be automatically deleted after the account’s retention period has passed. They differ from other logs by having their original timestamp (which might be out of the retention period) and by not being processed through rules, alerts, archiving, ML and anomalies, livetail and the enrichment engines. This keeps the operational integrity of the notifications, views and analysis provided to you by Coralogix.

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