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Role-based access control allows account administrators to allocate team users into groups with specific Applications/Subsystems data permissions, enabling access to specific sets of data. You can also assign team users into multiple groups with different action permissions to any sub-set of users. By default 3 groups are created Admins, Users, and Read-only. User roles are determined when a user is initially invited to the team (in the Invites page). You may change users roles by either assigning them to a different group from the Team Users page:

Or by adding the user to the group by choosing him in the Members option. You can also change permissions to an entire group by changing the role in the Select Role option.

In Manage application scope you may choose specific applications that will be visible to the group across Coralogix. For example, in the Operators group, choosing application “prd” will give access to production-related information only to the users who are members of the Operators’ group (access to view production logs in the Logs view, production logs in the LiveTail view, production-related alerts, etc.).

Choosing “mobile” in the Manage subsystem scope will give access for production-mobile related information only.

Note, this feature is opened upon request. To enable RBAC for your account, please contact us through our in-app chat, or via email to support@coralogix.com.