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Unique Count Alert

As data volumes grow and the number of alerts generated by logs, metrics, and security systems exponentially increase, one of the most powerful indicators of alert importance is the number of elements affected by it. Whether it’s the number of users who have encountered a 5XX error when calling an API, the number of Kafka consumer groups that returned errors, the number of CDN locations that are currently loading your site at more than 3 seconds, or the number of different passwords that a single user attempts to log in with to your cloud service console.

The problem with most alerts is that they describe the problem, though, in order to understand the severity or broadness of the issue, users need to drill into the data or rely on dashboards.

Unique Count Alert, alerts on the number of unique values inside a selected key that match a specific search criterion (AKA – The Cardinality of a specific key matched to a search).


Defining Coralogix Unique Count Alerts is simple:


  • Define your alert search criteria:

Alert definitions - search criteria


  • Define the key to match to track its unique count. You can also choose to group by a specific log field to receive an alert if the unique count threshold was crossed per specific value of the group by field. This is very useful with security use cases, E.g. send an alert if a specific user (group by key) logged in to my system from more than 1 country (Unique count key) at the same time.


  • Once triggered, the alert will display the behavior of unique count per the selected key that matches search criteria, and list all the unique values that were discovered within the tracked key.

Unique count alert coralogix


Snoozing alerts

Snooze alerts was made for those cases where the alert was triggered and handled and there’s no need for further notifications while you are focused in resolving the issue

Snooze or disable snooze

  • Go to your dashboard and click on the snooze button next to an alert

snooze alert

Snoozed alert tooltip:

  • Hover your mouse over the snooze button to see who snoozed the alert and when snooze period ends

snooze alert tooltip

Like all alerts in Coralogix, Unique Value Alerts work without you having to store or index any of your logs, data is tracked and analyzed before stored. This allows you to get real-time and smart alerting without the costs of storage and reduce your observability costs by 70%.


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