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Team & user management

Coralogix provides you with a way to easily manage users under different teams with different data access and manage your users SSO login. In this short tutorial we will show you how: 

1) Name your first team by signing up to Coralogix:


2) Invite your teammates to the new team you created and set their permissions (Settings –> Account –> Invites):

  • Admin – manages the account, users have access to all features
  • User – can create Alerts/Rules, set notifications
  • Read-only user – can only view and export logs


3) Manage users: Add/remove or change permissions from the teammates view (Settings –> Account –> Team Users):

Note: Only Admin users can invite teammates and manage users.


4) For Single Sign-On (SSO) integration with your IdP, follow our tutorial here.

Note: In case your admin has configured SAML SSO integration no password is needed in order for you to sign-in to Coralogix. Also, in case SSO was enabled, only the admin can change the password, and his password only.


5) To create a new team, you need to logout and login again, and choose ‘CREATE NEW TEAM’. Each user can be assigned to one or more teams and view only the data send to the teams he is assigned to. After logging a user chooses the team he/she wants to work on.

Note: a new team has a different Private Key for data sending (Settings –> Send your logs).

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