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Team & user management

Coralogix provides you with a way to easily manage users under different teams with different data access and manage your users SSO login, In this short tutorial we will show you how: 

1) Name your first team by signing up to Coralogix:

coralogix team creation

2) Invite your teammates to the new team you created and set their permissions, user (view) or admin (manage users):

coralogix send invites

3) Manage users: Add/remove or change permissions from the teammates view:

manage users coralogix

**Note that only administrators can invite teammates and manage users.

4) For Single Sign-On integration with your IdP, follow our tutorial here.

**Note that in case your admin has configured SAML SSO integration no password is needed in order for you to sign-in to Coralogix. Also, in case SSO was enabled, only admin can change password, and his password only.

5) To create a new team, logout –> login from your account and choose ‘Create a new team’. Each user can be assigned to one or more teams and view only the data send to the teams he is assigned to. Note that a new team has a different Private_Key for data sending.

add team different permissions

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