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Loggregation: Making Big Data Small

Loggregation© is an automatic log clustering feature that condenses millions of log entries into a narrow set of patterns using machine learning. It does so by automatically analyzing each log record sent to Coralogix, then separating the log constants from its variables.

Let’s have a look.

1) Below you can see, 17k log entries from a certain query:

2) Within seconds of clicking Templates, the 17.6k logs become grouped into their original patterns, thereby dramatically reducing the number of entries.

As you can see below, we went from 17.6k entries to only 7 templates. There is also a display of how many times each pattern arrived, the ratio of each pattern, and a full visualization of all parameters. This serves as a major timesaver in terms of log analysis.

3) Have JSON format log data? no problem! Coralogix clusters your JSON’s into their unique appearances while allowing you to graphically view the different values including an automatic text clustering. 

4) For further analysis, you can click on any of the variables and immediately display a graph with relevant information.

5) To further drill into a template, hover it and click the magnifying glass icon to the right side of it. 

In addition, clicking the pin icon at the top right corner of each visualization allows you to send that graph directly to your dashboard or Tags view in seconds.

That is it! Now you know how you can a full day’s worth of data in a matter of minutes, including deep analyses of distributions and variables. Save time and resources with Coralogix!