Loggregation – make your Big Data small

In this post we will guide you through Coralogix’s unique automatic log clustering feature: Loggregation©.

Coralogix’s  algorithm automatically analyzes each log record you send to Coralogix and separates the log constants from its variables in order to allow you to view a narrow set of patterns instead of millions of log entries.

For example, the following query retrieved ~127M log entries:

coralogix query results

By clicking Loggregation we can turn these 127M logs back into their original patterns. So instead of having to analyze 127M log entries, we can now handle just 629 different patterns with a display of how many times each pattern arrived and a full visualization of the parameters.



Clicking on each of the variables will open a relevant graph display for its distribution: categorical bar graph (purple variables), numeric line graph (orange variables) or a free variable distribution graph (blue variables).

categorical variablenumeric variablefree variable

So now you can simply view a full day’s data in a few minutes and deep dive into their distributions and variables.


Sign up now to start using Coralogix, and enjoy Loggregation© and many more time-saving capabilities!

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