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Alerts Map Alerts Map

Last Updated: Nov. 21, 2023

Alerts Map presents users with a visual representation of each alert status in real-time. Grouping all of your alerts in a scalable, information-dense manner, this feature ensures optimal system monitoring.

Use Alerts Map to visualize the following:

Accessing Alerts Map

To access the Alerts Map feature, navigate to Alerts in your navigation pane > Alerts Map.

Alerts Map Visualization

View Triggered Alerts

Alerts Map is divided into different visualizations based on the field or fields a user has grouped by in his / her alerts. Red hexagons represent values per key that have resulted in a triggered alert. Green hexagons represent all other conditions.

Alerts Map visualization Coralogix
  • Hexagon color is updated at intervals defined by value:time-range in the alert definition itself:
    • Every 2 min: When the less than\more than condition is under 30min
    • Every 6 min: When the less than\more than condition is between 30min to 12hrs
    • Every 12 min: When the less than\more than condition is bigger than 12hr
  • To view additional information about a triggered alert, hover over a hexagon of interest. You will see a list of all the alerts that were triggered for a specific value and how many of them have been resolved.
Alerts Map visualization Coralogix


Filter Alters Map in the left-hand sidebar. Filter by Alert status, Alert name, and Alert Severity.

Filter Alerts Map visualization Coralogix


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