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Alerts Map Alerts Map

Last Updated: Jan. 22, 2023


The ‘Alert Map’ allows users to view a visual representation of their alerts status in realtime, which allows better system monitoring in the alerting eco system. 

The Alert Map is divided into different visualizations based on the field the user has grouped by, and displays red hexagonal shapes for values that have resulted in a triggered alert.

How to access

Under Insights—> Alerts Map

location on the ui

How to use/read

Alerts Map per specific field

Red hexagonal shapes represent values per key that have resulted in a triggered alert. In any other condition the hexagon will be green.

The hexagon status/color will be updated based on the the interval of the alerts that are connected to the value:time-range for each visualization in the Alert Map is defined by the alert definition itself:

  • Every 2 min – When the less than\more than condition is under 30min
  • Every 6 min – When the less than\more than condition is between 30min to 12hrs
  • Every 12 min – When the less than\more than condition is bigger than 12hr

To see more information about a triggered alert, hover over the hexagonal shape on the Alert Map.

You will see a list of all the alerts that were triggered for the specific value, how many of them have been resolved, and the latest insight on the triggered alert:

Hover over a triggered pod
Hover over a triggered pod

You can use the filters on the left pane to filter the Alert Map by alert status, alert name, and alert severity.


Important notes

The Alert map will only present alerts that have a group-by option, it will not include:

  • Standard alerts – More than usual
  • New Value alerts
  • Unique Count alerts
  • Tracing alerts

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