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AWS CloudWatch: Data Collection Options AWS CloudWatch: Data Collection Options

Last Updated: May. 12, 2024

Amazon CloudWatch collects and visualizes real-time logs, metrics, and event data in automated dashboards to streamline your infrastructure and application maintenance. Send these to Coralogix to enhance your data management, analysis, and monitoring capabilities.

Coralogix provides multiple methods to collect logs and metrics from Amazon CloudWatch.

Custom Coralogix Experience

Use any of our customized cost-optimized options to allow Coralogix to ingest the logs stored in your S3 bucket and process them for further analysis and monitoring. Alternatively, take advantage of our customized performance-optimized Amazon Data Firehose integration options.

  • Automated Integration Packages (Recommended). Deploy the Coralogix Lambda function using our two-step automated integration packages.
  • Serverless Application Repository (SAR). Deploy the Coralogix Lambda function via our AWS serverless application repository.
  • Amazon Data Firehose. Select the Coralogix destination in your Amazon Data Firehose delivery stream to forward your logs and metrics to Coralogix.
  • Terraform. Install and manage the CloudWatch integration with AWS services as modules in your infrastructure code using our AWS CloudWatch or Amazon Data with Lambda Function Terraform modules.

Open Source Tools

To reduce costs, you have the option of sending us your CloudWatch data using our OpenTelemetry integration.


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