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Bitbucket Version Tags Bitbucket Version Tags

Last Updated: May. 05, 2024

Coralogix supports integration with Bitbucket webhooks, which can be used to inform Coralogix when a new build has been issued.

API endpoint

Select the Bitbucket Version Tags API endpoint corresponding to your Coralogix domain.


  1. Log into Bitbucket using your user credentials.
  2. Click your desired Repository to select it.
  3. Click “Repository settings” on the left.
  4. Under General \ Repository details, click “Webhooks”.
  5. Click “Add webhook”.
  6. Add a Title (for example: “Coralogix builds”).
  7. In the URL box, you will enter the link corresponding to the Coralogix Bitbucket Version Tags endpoint for your domain.

URL Parameters

  • API endpoint
  • Application Name:
    • Enter your desired Application name. Please use a name corresponding to your logs “Application” name.
  • Subsystem Name:
    • Enter your desired Subsystem name. Please use a name corresponding to your logs “Subsystem” name.
    • You can specify more than 1 Subsystem name, separated by a commas.
  • Tag Name

URL Example


  1. Under “Triggers”, please select Build status updated”.
  1. On the right bottom, please click “Save”.


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