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Create & Manage Saved Views

Last Updated: Mar. 18, 2024

Create and manage Saved Views using Folders in the Coralogix Explore Screen.

Create Saved Views

STEP 1. Click on the ellipsis next to Unsaved View in the upper left-hand corner of your Explore Screen.

STEP 2. You may add a view name for the particular view, decide whether to save query and filters and set the view as your default dashboard. You may also determine the view’s privacy settings: private or shared.

Note: To save a query as part of a saved view, you must run the query first.

Manage Saved Views with Folders

Manage your Saved Views in a more organized way using Folders.

STEP 1. Search for an existing folder to store your saved view or create a new one by clicking the folder icon.

STEP 2. Drag and drop your saved views into the relevant folder.

Saved views will appear in the right-hand column as either private or shared in their respective folders. Drag and drop views between folders.


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