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Last Updated: Jan. 31, 2024

This tutorial demonstrates how to integrate Coralogix with your GitLab deployment pipelines.


Use GitLab webhooks to inform Coralogix when a new build is issued.

STEP 1. Log in to GitLab using your credentials and navigate to your project page.

STEP 2. Click Settings > Webhooks.

STEP 3. Add the following URL:


Insert the following parameters:

DOMAIN: Coralogix domain associated with your account

APPLICATION_NAME: Application name as it appears in your Coralogix UI

SUBSYSTEM_NAME: Subsystem name as it appears in your Coralogix UI. Add one or more subsystem names separated by a comma.

TAG_NAME – Tag name. If this parameter is not inserted, values are taken from GitLab payload fields project.name and object_attributes.ref, as explained here.

STEP 4. Add a Secret Token. This can be found in your Coralogix UI by navigating to Data Flow > API Keys > Alerts, Rules and Tags API Key.

Coralogix Alerts API key


  • The Secret Token is obligatory.
  • Input the Secret Token in the Secret Token field below the URL in GitLab.

STEP 5. Select Pipeline events as a trigger and click save changes.

coralogix integration to Gitlab

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