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Google Cloud Pub/Sub Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Last Updated: Jun. 29, 2022

Coralogix provides a predefined function to forward your logs from Google Cloud’s Pub/sub straight to Coralogix.
Our integration code is open source and can be found here.
We welcome feedback and open issues.


  • A Coralogix account
  • A Working Pub/Sub topic in your GCP account (If you need help creating it, see here).
  • Installation of GCP CLI
  • A working GCP topic
  • Permissions to configure a function


We will be creating a custom function to act as a consumer for the topic.

The process is basically cloning the repo, and running the installation command.

$ git clone https://github.com/coralogix/coralogix-gcp-serverless.git &&
$ cd coralogix-gcp-serverles

$ gcloud functions deploy gcp-pub-sub \
        --project=<YOUR_GCP_PROJECT_ID> \
        --region=<GCP_REGION_NAME> \
        --runtime=python38 \
        --memory=1024MB \
        --timeout=60s \
        --entry-point=to_coralogix \
        --source=gcp-pub-sub \
        --trigger-resource=<YOUR_PUBSUB_TOPIC_NAME> \
        --trigger-event=google.pubsub.topic.publish \

Coralogix Endpoints

RegionLogs Endpoint

Any issues? Please contact our support via our in-app chat!

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