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GCP Pub/Sub GCP Pub/Sub

Last Updated: Sep. 19, 2023

Coralogix offers a number of different approaches for collecting logs from your Google Cloud environments including using GCP Log Explorer and Google Cloud Storage.

The tutorial describes how to configure a Logs router to send logs to a Pub/Sub topic and deliver them to Coralogix using a push subscription on the topic.

The main advantage of using a push subscription is that it avoids running any additional software (i.e. functions) in your GCP account which can contribute to operational overhead and costs.


  • Coralogix account
  • GCP account with permissions to configure Logging and Pub/Sub services

Query Parameters: Endpoint URL

When you create your subscription, you will need to set the correct endpoint URL using the following parameters:

  • domain: Your Coralogix domain
  • key: Your Coralogix Send-Your-Data API key
  • application (optional): Overrides the default application name
  • subsystem (optional): Overrides the default subsystem name
  • computer (optional): Sets the computer name (otherwise there is no computer name)
  • application_name_source (optional): Controls how application name is determined when the application parameter is not set
    • project_id_label_or_log_name: Default behavior. The project_id label will be used first. If it is not available, the second segment of the log name will be used.
    • log_name: We recommend trying this if you see numeric project IDs in the application name, but would prefer human readable project names. This does not affect folder IDs, which are always numeric.
  • log_message (optional): Controls how GCP audit logs are transformed
    • Defaults to LogEntry if not specified
    • Payload: parse only payload field content of the log entry as log text
    • LogEntry: parse whole log entry, for example:
     "spanId": "abcdefghijk",
     "severity": "INFO",
     "jsonPayload": {
     "receiveTimestamp": "2023-02-27T10:16:23.544899312Z",
     "timestamp": "2023-02-27T10:16:20.035098Z",


To configure the ingestion of GCP log data to Coralogix, we will first create a new topic in Google Cloud Pub/Sub. Then we will configure the topic as a sink in the logs router and configure a subscription to push the data to Coralogix.

STEP 1. Log in to GCP console

STEP 2. Go to Pub/Sub / Topics and create a Topic

  • Note – Uncheck the ‘Add a default subscription’ checkbox” We will create a subscription in a later step.

STEP 3. Go to Logging / Logs Router and create a Sink

  • Select sink service: Cloud Pub/Sub topic
  • Select the Cloud Pub/Sub topic created in the previous step
  • Optionally: Choose which logs should be included/excluded
gcp sink details

STEP 4. Go to Pub/Sub / Subscriptions and create a Subscription

  • Select the topic created in step 2, and make the following adjustments:
    • Set Delivery type to ‘Push’.
    • Set Endpoint URL to https://ingress.<domain>/gcp/v1/logs?key=<api_key>. If you like to pass additional attributes to Coralogix, set the endpoint to https://ingress.<domain>/gcp/v1/logs?key=<api_key>&application=<application_name>&subsystem=<subsystem_name>.
    • Set message retention to ‘1 day’.
    • Set Retry policy to ‘Retry after exponential backoff delay’ (keep the default backoff values).
new subscription gcp
subscription details gcp


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