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AWS MSK & Kafka AWS MSK & Kafka

Last Updated: Apr. 30, 2023


Many organizations collect important operational and business data in Kafka topics and would like to aggregate, analyze, and correlate it with data collected from other sources, in order to enable a better view of the technology and business stack and improve its management. Coralogix’s Kafka lambdas provide an easy way to send Kafka topics’ data to Coralogix.

The preferred and easiest integration method will be to use our AWS Serverless Application Repository. Search for ‘coralogix’. Don’t forget to check the ‘Show apps that create custom IAM roles or resource policies’ box located just under the search field to see all available applications.

Select either:

  • Coralogix-kafka – For a self managed Kafka instance
  • Coralogix-MSK – If Amazon MSK is being used

You will see detailed installation instructions in the readme section on the left.


You can include SAM (Serverless Application Model) in your automation frameworks. If you need access to the latest and greatest Lambda code go to https://github.com/coralogix/coralogix-aws-serverless/tree/master/src.

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