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Prometheus Operator Prometheus Operator

Last Updated: Jun. 28, 2023

Prometheus Operator provides easy way to operate end-to-end Kubernetes cluster monitoring with Prometheus and exporters. Use it to collect, process, and aggregate metrics from applications in your Kubernetes cluster and send them to Coralogix.
This guide shows you how to run Prometheus Operator in Kubernetes to export your data to Coralogix.

Our Helm chart is open source and you are welcome to review and make suggestions for improvements in our Integrations repository.


  • Kubernetes 1.20+ with Beta APIs enabled.
  • Helm 2.9+ Package Manager installed (For installation instructions please visit Get Helm!).


Create a Namespace (in our example, we will use: monitoring):

kubectl create namespace monitoring

Create Secret

Your Send-Your-Data API key can be found in the Coralogix UI in the top of the screen under Data Flow –> API Keys –> Send Your Data

kubectl create secret generic coralogix-keys \
        -n monitoring \

The created secret will look as such:

apiVersion: v1
  PRIVATE_KEY: <encrypted-private-key>
kind: Secret
  name: coralogix-keys
  namespace: monitoring
type: Opaque 

Add the Helm Chart Repo

helm repo add coralogix-charts-virtual https://cgx.jfrog.io/artifactory/coralogix-charts-virtual &&
helm repo update

Create An override.yml File

Choose the correct Coralogix Domain according to your account, the domain table can be found here.

  endpoint: "https://ingress.<Coralogix Domain>/prometheus/v1"

Deploy the Chart

helm upgrade --install prometheus-coralogix coralogix-charts-virtual/prometheus-operator-coralogix \
  --namespace=monitoring \
  -f override.yaml

Delete the deployment

helm uninstall prometheus-coralogix \

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