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Zenduty Zenduty

Last Updated: Feb. 01, 2024

Zenduty is an incident management platform that helps businesses manage and resolve incidents quickly and efficiently. It provides a range of features such as alert management, on-call scheduling, incident response automation, and post-mortem analysis. Coralogix now supports seamless integration with Zenduty.


STEP 1. Navigate to ‘Teams’ on your Zenduty dashboard and click on the team to which the integration will be added.

STEP 2. Select ‘Services’ and click on the relevant Service.

STEP 3. Under ‘Integrations’, click ‘Add New Integration’. Give it a name and select the application ‘Coralogix’ from the dropdown menu.

STEP 4. Provide the details ‘Name’, ‘Summary’, ‘Create incidents for ‘, ‘set default Urgency’ and click on ‘Add Integration’

STEP 5. Click ‘Configure’ and copy the generated Webhook URL.

Coralogix Setup

STEP 1. Navigate to Data Flow > Webhooks in your Coralogix account. 

STEP 2. Select the Webhooks tab to create a new webhook. 

STEP 3. For the new webhook, give it a suitable name and paste the copied URL from Zenduty Configure. 

STEP 4. Save the webhook.

STEP 5. Validate your configuration by clicking the ‘Test Configuration’ button. The test alert should appear on your Zenduty Alert log.

STEP 6. Click Alerts in your navigation bar to set the destination in the new alert. 

STEP 7. Define the ‘Alert Name’ and ‘Description’. Severity is to be set to ‘Warning’ or ‘Critical’ for a new incident to be created.

STEP 8. Define the conditions for which the alert is to be triggered.

STEP 9. Under ‘Recipients’, search and add the previously defined Zenduty webhook. 

Note: If ‘Notify when Resolved’ option is enabled, then when the conditions go back to normal, the incident will be auto-resolved. 
In Zenduty, Incident will be auto resolved.

STEP 10. Save the Alert.


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