Turn millions of log records into a small set of log patterns

Coralogix can save up to 50% of the time you spend analyzing logs


We start where Log Management ends

Coralogix provides a powerful set of tools that enable production analysis in minutes instead of relying on constant log searching

Make your Big data small

Loggregation turns millions of log entries into a set of log patterns with powerful statistic views

Know when your flows break

Coralogix maps your software flows, detects production problems and delivers pinpoint insights

Discover your new errors

Coralogix automatically alerts on unfamiliar errors that did not happen in the past

Log management included

Coralogix provides fast and powerful log query, user defined alerts, centralized tail and much more

Turn into a log hero with Coralogix

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Of course we think Coralogix is great, but don't ask us - check out what our customers say!

Unlike other logging engines that we've used before, Coralogix provides real insights about our workflows, through learning our application behaviour even as we keep developing them. Other services provided us with a more of "log retaining" service rather than real log analysis and insight generating capabilities, which Coralogix seem to excel. Ika Balzam - CTO at Payme
I've been working with Coralogix for 3 months now and found some bugs that i didnt know about, with parallel process on millisecond level. They are very professional, great support and Java oriented. Their Aggregation feature + anomalies based on pattern recognition makes your log reading easier then ever! Dont need to go though thousands of lines, instead just aggregate and look for patterns. Also includes Alarm, and realtime tail.Danny Valariola - CTO at Reelocoaster
I’m a QA manager and this tool is a life saver for me, it helped me catch major problems on Staging, before they ever happened on our production systems. Even though I’m not a code expert, using Coralogix is easy and intuitive and the insights it presents are totally clear and understandable. I can view endless matrixes which are extracted from the logs variables themselves without me defining anything – simply a pleasure to work with!Alona Szeinwald - QA manager at AGS

Coralogix Blog

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Loggregation – make your Big Data small

In this post we will guide you through Coralogix’s unique automatic log aggregation feature: Loggregation©. The need for automatically aggregating log records came when we started building our [...]

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New Error and Critical logs anomaly

During our closed Beta, we encountered a phenomena that every developer can relate to: the familiar errors. The familiar errors are those Error and Critical logs you already “know” and ignore, or [...]

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Flow anomaly – automatic problem detection

2 years ago when we examined the log analytics market we saw quite a few companies with great products for indexing and visualizing logs. However, the competition between all these tools was narrowed [...]

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