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Seamless Integrations

Gain a deeper understanding of your system’s health with seamless integrations between Coralogix and your existing tool stack.

Integrate with all the tools in your data ecosystem

To give you the best experience with Coralogix, you can connect data from any source using our native integrations and Rest API. Choose from 100+ integrations for any system data from logs and metrics to security and contextual data.

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Easily connect any file shipper to Coralogix so you can send your logs from anywhere, parse them according to your needs, and extract valuable insights.

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log files integrations


Send all infrastructure and custom application metrics to Coralogix for centralization and full monitoring coverage without cardinality and compute limitations.

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metrics integrations


Collect security data for a comprehensive understanding of your system security and end-to-end forensics to ensure you are fully protected.

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security integrations


Send dynamic alerts to any tool in your stack in real-time for faster response and remediation.

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Cloud Platforms & Services

We’re cloud-agnostic and work out-of-the-box with your cloud platform and architectures. Integrate with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and more.

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aws integrations

CI/CD Pipelines

Ensure no code changes impact production and consistently improve your build pipeline. Connect your CI/CD data to Coralogix to get automated version benchmarking and full visibility into the health of every new version.

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cicd integrations

Contextual Data

Ingest small pockets of data such as Slack messages and 3rd-party status pages to get more robust observability with additional context into errors and system health metrics.

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contextual data integrations

+100 Integrations

Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose Show more Logstash Logstash Show more Prometheus Prometheus Show more OpenTelemetry Tracing OpenTelemetry Tracing Show more Suricata Suricata Show more Coralogix Extensions for AWS Lambda Coralogix Extensions for AWS Lambda Show more Fluentd Helm Chart for Kubernetes Fluentd Helm Chart for Kubernetes Show more Azure Activity and Audit Logs with FileBeat Azure Activity and Audit Logs with FileBeat Show more Custom Syslog Custom Syslog Show more Fluent Bit Fluent Bit Show more Zeek Zeek Show more StatusPage Tracker StatusPage Tracker Show more Intercom Data Ingestion Intercom Data Ingestion Show more Azure Status Logs Azure Status Logs Show more GCP Status Logs GCP Status Logs Show more AWS Status Logs AWS Status Logs Show more Opsgenie Data Ingestion Opsgenie Data Ingestion Show more cURL Version Tags cURL Version Tags Show more Spinnaker Version Tags Spinnaker Version Tags Show more GitLab Version Tags GitLab Version Tags Show more Azure DevOps Server Version Tags Azure DevOps Server Version Tags Show more Argo CD Version Tags Argo CD Version Tags Show more Bitbucket Version Tags Bitbucket Version Tags Show more Slack Data Ingestion Slack Data Ingestion Show more Cloudflare Audit Logs Cloudflare Audit Logs Show more GCP Log Explorer GCP Log Explorer Show more Kafka and Amazon MSK Kafka and Amazon MSK Show more FortiGate FortiGate Show more Cloudflare Cloudflare Show more Vector Vector Show more Office 365 Audit Logs Office 365 Audit Logs Show more Prometheus Alert Manager Prometheus Alert Manager Show more CrowdStrike Falcon CrowdStrike Falcon Show more AWS SNS Data Ingestion AWS SNS Data Ingestion Show more Pagerduty Data Ingestion Pagerduty Data Ingestion Show more GitHub Data Ingestion GitHub Data Ingestion Show more GitLab Data Ingestion GitLab Data Ingestion Show more Bitbucket Data Ingestion Bitbucket Data Ingestion Show more Microsoft Azure Functions Microsoft Azure Functions Show more Alert Webhook with Google Chat Alert Webhook with Google Chat Show more Alert Webhook with Slack Alert Webhook with Slack Show more Alcide kAudit Alcide kAudit Show more Gsuite Data Ingestion Gsuite Data Ingestion Show more Palo Alto Network’s Cortex XSOAR Palo Alto Network’s Cortex XSOAR Show more Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) Show more Go Go Show more SeriLog for .Net Core SeriLog for .Net Core Show more Alert Webhook with Jira Alert Webhook with Jira Show more Alert Webhook with Opsgenie Alert Webhook with Opsgenie Show more Alert Webhook with VictorOps Alert Webhook with VictorOps Show more Alert Webhook with Microsoft Teams Alert Webhook with Microsoft Teams Show more Alert Webhook with PagerDuty Alert Webhook with PagerDuty Show more Beats: Packetbeat Beats: Packetbeat Show more Kubernetes with Fluent-Bit Kubernetes with Fluent-Bit Show more Kubernetes with Filebeat Kubernetes with Filebeat Show more Fastly Logs via HTTPS Streaming Fastly Logs via HTTPS Streaming Show more Okta Audit Logs Okta Audit Logs Show more AWS ECS (EC2 – Fargate) Logs AWS ECS (EC2 – Fargate) Logs Show more Google Cloud Storage Google Cloud Storage Show more Jenkins plugin Jenkins plugin Show more CircleCI CircleCI Show more NXLog NXLog Show more Beats: Auditbeat Beats: Auditbeat Show more AWS CloudTrail AWS CloudTrail Show more AWS VPC Flow Logs AWS VPC Flow Logs Show more AWS Kinesis with Lambda function AWS Kinesis with Lambda function Show more Connect Logstash to AWS Kinesis Connect Logstash to AWS Kinesis Show more AWS Load Balancer AWS Load Balancer Show more Beats: Metricbeat Beats: Metricbeat Show more Akamai Akamai Show more Windows Event logs with Winlogbeat Windows Event logs with Winlogbeat Show more GELF GELF Show more Cloudwatch Metrics Cloudwatch Metrics Show more Kubernetes with Fluentd (Without Helm) Kubernetes with Fluentd (Without Helm) Show more Cloudwatch Logs Cloudwatch Logs Show more S3 Log Collection S3 Log Collection Show more Heroku Logs Heroku Logs Show more Beats: Filebeat Beats: Filebeat Show more FluentD FluentD Show more NLog NLog Show more Rsyslog Rsyslog Show more Ruby Ruby Show more Log4j Log4j Show more Logback Logback Show more Java Java Show more Node.js Winston Node.js Winston Show more Node.js Bunyan Node.js Bunyan Show more Node.js Node.js Show more Python SDK Python SDK Show more log4net log4net Show more .NET Core .NET Core Show more Coralogix Rest API Coralogix Rest API Show more
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