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What You Can Learn About Cyber Security from the Biggest Breaches in History

It feels like cybersecurity is dominating the newsfeeds, doesn’t it? There is a reason. Cyberattacks and cybercrime have risen dramatically in the last five years. 2020

free data lake coralogix

Creating a Free Data Lake with Coralogix

Like many cool tools out there, this project started from a request made by a customer of ours. Having recently migrated to our service, this customer

We’re Thrilled To Share – Coralogix has Received AWS DevOps Competency

At Coralogix, we believe in giving companies the best of the best – that’s what we strive for with everything we do. With that, we are

Guide: Smarter AWS Traffic Mirroring for Stronger Cloud Security

So, you’ve installed Coralogix’s STA and you would like to start analyzing your traffic and getting valuable insights but you’re not sure that you’re mirroring enough

Exciting New Features of Coralogix STA

We at Coralogix, believe that cloud security is not a “nice-to-have” feature – something that only large organizations can benefit from or are entitled to have.

ISTIO log analysis

Istio Log Analysis Guide

Istio has quickly become a cornerstone of most Kubernetes clusters. As your container orchestration platform scales, Istio embeds functionality into the fabric of your cluster that

Python Logging Tutorial

Python Logging Guide – Best Practices and Hands-on Examples

In the vast computing world, there are different programming languages that include facilities for logging. From our previous posts, you can learn best practices about Node

Nagios Connector

Stay Alert! Building the Coralogix-Nagios Connector

Ask any DevOps engineer, and they will tell you about all the alerts they enable so they can stay informed about their code. These alerts are

coralogix and azure

Limit Coralogix usage per account using Azure Functions

At Payoneer, we use Coralogix to collect logs from all our environments from QA to PROD. Each environment has its own account in Coralogix and thus

Coralogix and Terraform

How IaC helps integrate Coralogix with Terraform

Infrastructure as Code is an increasingly popular DevOps paradigm. IaC has the ability to abstract away the details of server provisioning. This tutorial will look at

microservice observability

Introducing Log Observability for Microservices

Two popular deployment architectures exist in software: the out-of-favor monolithic architecture and the newly popular microservices architecture. Monolithic architectures were quite popular in the past, with

Cloud Native Observability

Introducing Cloud Native Observability

The term ‘cloud native’ has become a much-used buzz phrase in the software industry over the last decade. But what does cloud-native mean? The Cloud Native

JSON logging tips

7 JSON Logging Tips That You Can Implement

When teams begin to analyze their logs, they almost immediately run into a problem and they’ll need some JSON logging tips to overcome them. Logs are

configure kibana oauth

Configuring Kibana for OAuth

Kibana is the most popular open-source analytics and visualization platform designed to offer faster and better insights into your data. It is a visual interface tool

log observability and monitoring

Discovering the Differences Between Log Observability and Monitoring

Log observability and monitoring are terms often used interchangeably, but really they describe two approaches to solving and understanding different things.  Observability refers to the ability

CDN Log Analysis

CDN Logs and Why You Need Them

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a distributed set of servers that are designed to get your web-based content into the hands of your users as

Three Pillars of Observability

Understanding the Three Pillars of Observability

Observability and its implementation may look different to different people. But, underneath all the varying definitions is a single, clear concept: Observability enables you to understand

What is observability

What is Observability?

Observability is a term that is becoming commonplace in both startups and enterprises. Log observability is different from monitoring, as it provides visualized metrics from a

Next Generation AWS Lambda Functions Powered by AWS Graviton2 Processors

Modern computing has come a long way in the last couple of years and the introduction of new technologies is only accelerating the rate of advancements.

observability and log analytics

Log Observability and Log Analytics

Logs play a key role in understanding your system’s performance and health. Good logging practice is also vital to power an observability platform across your system.

AWS Log Insights

What are AWS Log Insights and How You Can Use Them

Within this blog post, we’re going to take a look at AWS Log Insights and cover some of the topics that you will find useful around

aws cloudwatch

Tutorial: Setting up AWS CloudWatch Alarms

AWS CloudWatch is a service that allows you to monitor and manage deployed applications and resources within your AWS account and region. It contains tools that

aws serverless computing solutions

AWS Lambda vs Azure Functions vs Google Cloud Functions

Serverless computing is on the rise, having already earned the mantle of “The Next Big Thing”. For developers, serverless computing means less concern regarding infrastructure when

Elasticsearch Audit Graphic

Elasticsearch Audit Logs and Analysis

Security is a top-of-mind topic for software companies, especially those that have experienced security breaches. Companies must secure data to avoid nefarious attacks and meet standards

Logging Best Practices

Logging Best Practices: Knowing What to Log

What should we log? First of all, don’t ask this! Instead of asking what to log, we should start by asking “what questions do we want

Observability and Cyber Resiliency

Observability and Cyber Resiliency – What Do You Need To Know?

Observability is one of the biggest trends in technology today. The ability to know everything, understand your system, and analyze the performance of disparate components in

custom data enrichment coralogix

Elevate Your Event Data With Custom Data Enrichment in Coralogix

Have you ever found yourself late at night combing through a myriad of logs attempting to determine why your cluster went down? Yes, that’s a really

github outage

The latest Github outage and how it impacts observability

Every now and then, issues occur that disrupt the very fabric of global software engineering. Chief amongst them is the recent mass outage of Github. Github

observability in ci/cd

Adding Observability to Your CI/CD Pipeline in CircleCI

In modern software systems, it is common for several developers to work on the same project simultaneously. Siloed working with infrequent merging of code in a

elasticsearch release

Elasticsearch Release: Roundup of Changes in 7.13.3

Elastic made their latest minor Elasticsearch release on May 25, 2021. Elasticsearch Version 7.13 contains the rollout of several features that were only in preview in