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mitigate tool sprawl

How to mitigate DevOps tool sprawl in enterprise organizations

There’s an insidious disease increasingly afflicting DevOps teams. It begins innocuously. A team member suggests adding a new logging tool. The senior dev decides to upgrade


Intro to AIOps: Leveraging AI and Machine Learning in DevOps

AIOps is a DevOps strategy that brings the power of machine learning to bear on observability and system management. It’s not surprising that an increasing number

elasticsearch text analysis

Elasticsearch Text Analysis: How to Use Analyzers and Normalizers

Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analytics engine used for real-time data processing of several different data types. Elasticsearch has built-in processing for numerical, geospatial, and

enterprise cloud services

What We Learned About Enterprise Cloud Services From the 2021 Azure Outage

Azure, AWS, and GCP cloud services are invaluable to their enterprise customers. When providers like Microsoft are hit with DNS issues or other errors that lead

executive order security

How Biden’s Executive Order on Improving Cybersecurity Will Impact Your Systems

President Joe Biden recently signed an executive order which made adhering to cybersecurity standards a legal requirement for federal departments and agencies. The move was not

event stream cloudwatch

Tutorial: Set Up Event Streams in CloudWatch

When building a microservices system, configuring events to trigger additional logic using an event stream is highly valuable. One common use case is receiving notifications when

saas observability

Why Are SaaS Observability Tools So Far Behind?

Salesforce was the first of many SaaS-based companies to succeed and see massive growth. Since they first started out in 1999, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools have taken

aws timestream

Using AWS Timestream for System Health Monitoring

Amazon Web Services (AWS) introduced a preview of Timestream in November 2018 before releasing the full version in October 2020. AWS Timestream is a time series

kubernetes security

5 Strategies for Safeguarding your Kubernetes Security

Since Google first introduced Kubernetes, it’s become one of the most popular DevOps platforms on the market. Unfortunately, increasingly widespread usage has made Kubernetes a growing

grafana loki

Grafana Loki: Open Source Log Aggregation Inspired by Prometheus

Logging solutions are a must-have for any company with software systems. They are necessary to monitor your software solution’s health, prevent issues before they happen, and

system traceability

How Cloudflare Logs Provide Traffic, Performance, and Security Insights with Coralogix

Cloudflare secures and ensures the reliability of your external-facing resources such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your internal resources such as behind-the-firewall applications, teams,

graphql api

A GraphQL Introduction: Benefits and Tips for Using This API Technology

GraphQL is an open-source query and manipulation language to use for APIs. It contains server-side functionality and a query language for maintaining data interfaces. It was

coralogix security traffic analyzer

What is the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA), and Why Do I Need It?

The wide-spread adoption of cloud infrastructure has proven to be highly beneficial, but has also introduced new challenges and added costs – especially when it comes

ingesting firewall logs

The Value of Ingesting Firewall Logs

In this article, we are going to explore the process of ingesting logs into your data lake, and the value of importing your firewall logs into

aws serverless computing solutions

Choosing the Best AWS Serverless Computing Solution

Serverless computing is becoming increasingly popular in software development due to its flexibility of development and the ability it affords to test out and run solutions

fortigate logs

Using Coralogix to Gain Insights From Your FortiGate Logs

FortiGate, a next-generation firewall from IT Cyber Security leaders Fortinet, provides the ultimate threat protection for businesses of all sizes. FortiGate helps you understand what is

Understanding the Execution Context in JavaScript

The execution context in JavaScript is arguably the most important thing for you to understand, as a firm understanding will give you the basic knowledge you

Using Coralogix + StackPulse to Automatically Enrich Alerts and Manage Incidents

Keeping digital services reliable is more important than ever.  When something goes wrong in production, on-call teams face significant pressure to identify and resolve the incident

monitor microsoft exchange

Why You Need to Closely Monitor Your Exchange Servers

Monitoring your on-prem and hybrid cloud infrastructure has always been important. With an ever-growing rise in cyber attacks, zero-day exploits, and insider threats, keeping track of

web assembly deep dive

Web Assembly Deep Dive – How it Works, And Is It The Future?

You’ve most likely heard of Web Assembly. Maybe you’ve heard about how game-changing of a technology it is, and maybe you’ve heard about how it’s going

security tool arsenal

What’s the Most Powerful Tool in Your Security Arsenal? 

Trying to work out the best security tool is a little like trying to choose a golf club three shots ahead – you don’t know what

netflix fault injection

How Netflix Uses Fault Injection To Truly Understand Their Resilience

Distributed systems such as microservices have defined software engineering over the last decade. The majority of advancements have been in increasing resilience, flexibility, and rapidity of

Using NoSQL Databases as Backend Storage for Grafana

Grafana is a popular way of monitoring and analysing data. You can use it to build dashboards for visualizing, analyzing, querying, and alerting on data when

business observability

Unlocking Hidden Business Observability with Holistic Data Collection

Why do organizations invest in observability? Because it adds value. Sometimes we forget this when we’re building our observability solutions. We get so excited about what

flux tutorial

Flux Tutorial: Implementing Continuous Integration Into Your Kubernetes Cluster

This hands-on Flux tutorial explores how Flux can be used at the end of your continuous integration pipeline to deploy your applications to Kubernetes clusters. What

The Untapped Power of Key Marketing Metrics

Marketing and Site Reliability teams rarely meet in most organizations. It’s especially rare outside the context of product marketing sessions or content creation. With observability now

elasticsearch pagination

How to Optimize Your Elasticsearch Queries Using Pagination

Consider for a moment that you are building a webpage that displays data stored in Elasticsearch. You have so much information in your index that your

communication in software development

The Importance of Communication in Software Development Teams

Programming is often thought of purely as a problem-solving activity. This may be true for the lone coder in their garage, but in the multi-person environment

what is gitops

What is GitOps, Where Did It Come From, and Why Should You Care?

“What is GitOps?” – a question which has seen increasing popularity on Google searches and blog posts in the last three years. If you want to

monitoring hybrid cloud

What to Consider When Monitoring Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Hybrid cloud architectures provide the flexibility to utilize both public and cloud environments in the same infrastructure. This enables scalability and power that is easy and