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saas observability

Why Are SaaS Observability Tools So Far Behind?

Salesforce was the first of many SaaS-based companies to succeed and see massive growth. Since they first started out in 1999, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) tools have taken the IT sector and,
ingesting firewall logs

The Value of Ingesting Firewall Logs

In this article, we are going to explore the process of ingesting logs into your data lake, and the value of importing your firewall logs into Coralogix. To understand the

The Untapped Power of Key Marketing Metrics

Marketing and Site Reliability teams rarely meet in most organizations. It’s especially rare outside the context of product marketing sessions or content creation. With observability now pivotal to success, we
kanban software development

Basic Principles of Kanban Software Development

Kanban software development is a popular, highly visual framework that falls under the Agile methodology. It requires real-time communication of availability and capacity, allowing full transparency of all work in
more changes banner

More Changes Mean More Challenges for Troubleshooting

The widespread adoption of Agile methodologies in recent years has allowed organizations to significantly increase their ability to push out more high quality software.  Previous development practices revolved heavily around
cloud vendor lock-in

11 Tips for Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In 

11 Tips for Avoiding Cloud Vendor Lock-In  Cloud vendor lock-in. In cloud computing, software or computing infrastructure is commonly outsourced to cloud vendors. When the cost and effort of switching
devops vs devsecops

DevSecOps vs DevOps: What are the Differences?

The modern technology landscape is ever-changing, with an increasing focus on methodologies and practices. Recently we’re seeing a clash between two of the newer and most popular players: DevOps vs
secure java code

Best Practices for Writing Secure Java Code

Every Java developer should follow coding standards and best practices to develop secure Java code. It is critical your code is not vulnerable to exploits or malicious attacks. In recent
intro to elasticsearch

Intro to Elasticsearch: From Deployment to Basic Usage

Elastic is “an index”, “a search engine”, “a big data solution”, an analytics platform with advanced data visualizations and incredibly fast search capabilities. In short, it’s a solution for many
logstash syslog

A Practical Guide to Logstash: Syslog Deep Dive

Syslog is a popular standard for centralizing and formatting log data generated by network devices. It provides a standardized way of generating and collecting log information, such as program errors,
Graphic showing product scaling

Scale Your Prometheus Metrics Indefinitely with Thanos

Prometheus metrics are an essential part of your observability stack. Observability comes hand in hand with monitoring, and is covered extensively here in this Essential Observability Techniques article. A well-monitored application
cloudwatch cost

Is CloudWatch Really Cost Efficient?

One of the keys to CloudWatch’s success is its no bang, no buck billing system. The pricing structure has been designed from the outset to ensure that CloudWatch users only
spring boot logging best practices

Spring Boot Logging Best Practices Guide

Logging in Spring Boot can be confusing, and the wide range of tools and frameworks make it a challenge to even know where to start. This guide talks through the

Mapping Exceptions with Elasticsearch

Mapping is an essential foundation of an index that can generally be considered the heart of Elasticsearch. So you can be sure of the importance of a well-managed mapping. But
release bottleneck cover

Where is Your Next Release Bottleneck? 

A typical modern DevOps pipeline includes eight major stages, and unfortunately, a release bottleneck can appear at any point: These may slow down productivity and limit a company’s ability to

Running ELK on Kubernetes with ECK – Part 1

More and more employers are looking for people experienced in building and running Kubernetes-based systems, so it’s a great time to start learning how to take advantage of the new
kubernetes monitoring

A Crash Course in Kubernetes Monitoring

Kubernetes monitoring can be complex. To do it successfully requires several components to be monitored simultaneously. First, it’s important to understand what those components are, which metrics should be monitored
kibana canvas

Kibana Canvas: An In-Depth Guide

When we look at information, numbers, percentages, statistics, we tend to have an easier time understanding and interpreting them if they’re also represented by corresponding visual cues. Kibana Canvas is
Kotlin logging best practices

Best Practices for Logging in Kotlin

If you’re reading this, you have probably been convinced that taking on Kotlin for your mobile application is the most sensible choice. Now that you’ve come to this decision, it’s

What You Need to Know About IoT Logging

The Internet of Things (or, IoT) is an umbrella term for multiple connected devices sharing real-time data, and IoT logging is an important part of this. Troubleshooting bug fixes, connection
logging performance with kafka

How to Maximize Logging Performance with Kafka

As software is evolving away from monoliths and towards service-based architectures, it is becoming more apparent than ever that logging performance needs to be a first-class consideration of our architectural

The Cloud Network Security Gap

Before we dive into the gap in cloud network security, let’s take a step back. If you’ve been in Operations for a while, you might remember how it used to

Machine learning log analysis and why you need it

Your log analysis solution works through millions of lines of logs, which makes implementing a machine learning solution essential. Organizations are turning to machine learning log alerts as a replacement

Exciting new features of Coralogix STA

We at Coralogix, believe that cloud security is not a “nice-to-have” feature – something that only large organizations can benefit from or are entitled to have. We believe it’s a

Is your logging ready for the future?

Log scaling is something that should be top of mind for organizations seeking to future-proof their logging solutions. Logging requirements will grow through use, particularly if not maintained or utilized

How to automate VPC Mirroring for Coralogix STA

After installing the Coralogix Security Traffic Analyzer (STA) and choosing a mirroring strategy suitable for your organization needs (if not, you can start by reading this) the next step would

Uptime Monitoring with Heartbeat

Whenever you build a service and expose a set of endpoints to provide API access to that service, you’ll likely need to track their availability and response times, aside from
common elk issues

ELK Stack: 5 Common ELK Issues and How to Fix Them

Running an ELK stack provides unrivaled benefits for your organization, however, ELK issues will inevitably crop up. ELK is scalable, and largely agnostic of internal infrastructure, making it a great
Log maintanace

Is your team spending too much time on log maintenance?

Log maintenance has a hidden cost. Engineers optimize their instance types, storage, networking, dependencies, and much more. However, we rarely consider the engineers themselves. A DevOps culture encourages engineers to

Fluent Bit Tutorial: The Beginners Guide

Fluent Bit is a fast and lightweight log processor, stream processor, and forwarder for Linux, OSX, Windows, and BSD family operating systems. Its focus on performance allows the collection of

How to optimize your logging costs

CIOs see data costs as their greatest logging challenge to overcome, according to this survey we collaborated on with IDC. If you’re running significant production operations, you’re almost certainly generating 100’s
elasticsearch problems

The Top Elasticsearch Problems You Need to Know

The ELK stack is an industry-recognized solution for centralizing logging, analyzing logs, and monitoring your system use and output. However, the challenges of maintaining your own stack overcoming common Elasticsearch

Application Logs: 8 Goals and Best Practices to Aim For

Running a successful company relies on current and accurate information about the underlying systems. Much of this information is contained within your application logs. By investing in your log management

Troubleshooting Common Elasticsearch Problems

Elasticsearch is a complex piece of software by itself, but complexity is further increased when you spin up multiple instances to form a cluster. This complexity comes with the risk

The Ultimate Guide to Microservices Logging 

Microservice architecture is widely popular. The ease of building and maintaining apps, scaling CI/CD pipelines, as well as the flexibility it offers when it comes to pivoting technologies are some

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