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“99.5% of your data collected never gets analyzed”

MIT Tech Review

Coralogix lets you instantly triage your data based on its business value allowing you to get deep insights without paying for the noise.

Triage log data according to three levels of processing

The Coralogix platform is built for tomorrow’s data scale

Events Processed Daily
Applications Monitored
Data Managed
Active Users

ML-powered logging built for CI/CD

“It was almost impossible to see the full picture before Coralogix – Now we are able to get faster response times”

Ben - Infrastructure Engineer at Monday.com

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“We were able to identify issues that we would not necessarily have found”

Sheel - Director of Platform Engineering

Secure by Design

Coralogix is fully compliant with the highest standards of privacy and security and provides multiple geographic data centers for compatibility with various local privacy laws.

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100+ Integrations

Ship your logs from any data source at any format using over 100 integrations. Integrate by yourself, or ask for a free integration session with one of our experts.

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