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Stateful Streaming Analytics for Observability Data

Real-time insights and trend analysis for logs, metrics, and security data with no reliance on storage or indexing

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Centralized Logging, Metrics, and Security Data

A single, centralized platform for monitoring, visualizing, and alerting on all of your observability data.

As log, metric, and security data are ingested, Coralogix instantly narrows millions of events down to common patterns for deeper insights and faster troubleshooting.

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Log Analytics

Analyze and monitor your log data without indexing and in the context of your CI/CD pipeline to enable full observability without breaking your budget.
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Collect all system metrics and access unlimited granularity, cardinality, and labeling with no additional costs. Get maximum coverage for your systems with straightforward pricing.
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With just a few clicks, improve your cloud security with automated threat detection across all of your network traffic. No complex setup, no data standardization, no coverage uncertainty.
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Cutting-Edge Streama Technology

Streama© is a stateful streaming analytics pipeline that analyzes data in real-time and creates snapshots of the system state for long-term trend analysis.

This unique approach eliminates the need to index and store data, so teams no longer need to choose between cost and coverage.

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Real-time streaming analytics built for tomorrow’s scale

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ML & Anomaly Detection

Machine learning algorithms continuously observe your log patterns and flows between system components and automatically notifies you when a pattern deviates from the norm – without static thresholds or the need for pre-configurations.

With all of the data being ingested and analyzed, not just from specific servers or environments, Coralogix can provide unparalleled insights.

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Optimize Total Cost of Ownership

Priority-based ingestion strategies enable you to assign each application/subsystem pair and log severity level to a different data pipeline, for maximum control over your data and how it’s handled.

No matter how you choose to prioritize your data, you always have full access to all of your data and to all Coralogix features.

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Leading Alternative to Homegrown

Fully managed log analytics and observability data platform that scales effortlessly as your systems grow.

Stop stressing about maintaining your homegrown observability stack and get back to the innovative projects that will drive your organization forward.

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Using Coralogix, setting up a centralized location for logs is intuitive and easy. Their support team really elevates the product by always being there when needed.
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Ben Yitzhaki - Infrastructure Engineer at monday.com

Enterprise-Grade Solution

Coralogix is fully compliant with the highest standards of availability, security, and compliance including GDPR, SOC2, PCI, and HIPAA certifications. Choose from multiple geographic data centers for compatibility with various local privacy laws. 

Easily manage multiple teams, fine-tune permissions, and enjoy the convenience of SSO.

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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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Stateful streaming analytics for observability data