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Solve Your Production Problems Faster

Coralogix automatically creates component level insights from log data so you can trust your logs to tell you the full story of your system.

Log Management Interface
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Log Management Interface
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We get to know your stack so you know immediately if something's not right

Coralogix helps ensure organization SLAs by benchmarking every release for quality and potential issues. AI technology continuously observes your log patterns and flows between system components to understand what typical behavior looks like and notifies you when a pattern deviates unnaturally.

Get the right toolset to rapidly troubleshoot production issues

Find the needle in the haystack without wasting time. Coralogix instantly narrows down millions of log entries to just hundreds of common patterns to quickly troubleshoot. Access a full set of investigative tools to identify, drilldown, correlate and visualize behavior faster.

Log Aggregation

Painless Integration

The Coralogix platform sets up in minutes – instantly ingesting log data from any source. We’ll provide expert guidance to your team to ensure a smooth transition.

Built For Demanding Teams

Coralogix helps teams get a handle on their big data, reduce issue resolution time, improve customer satisfaction and decrease maintenance costs.

Any Data, any Format
Logs, Metrics, and Security

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"Over 1TB of daily logs was becoming harder to manage and make sense of. On the first day of using Coralogix, we already got new insights that we were not able to see before"

Dekel Shavit, CISO


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