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BetterHelp Customer Case Study

  • Coralogix
  • August 2, 2020
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Untangling a chaotic mess can be daunting. And that’s exactly the problem Alain Adler, the Head of Engineering at BetterHelp, faced.  BetterHelp is the world’s largest e-counseling platform, on a mission to make professional counseling accessible, affordable, and convenient—and as the head of the engineering department (which includes the software development team, systems and IT team, QA, and cybersecurity), if Alain fails to keep things running, tens of thousands don’t get the help they need.

Little piles of chaos

In the engineering department, they had piles of logs scattered in different places, but no real way to make sense of them. “There were problems that could’ve been caught earlier, and were not caught, because we didn’t have the right visibility,” Alain says. They needed an all-in-one solution that would bring their logs into one place, with easy access, so anyone in the organization could find them.

Organized intelligence

Alain turned to Coralogix whose advanced logging insight tools were perfect for the job. He found implementation to be surprisingly fast and extremely effective. “Pretty much [we] just scheduled a meeting with one of their experts, we talk about what we’re doing…and we’re all set,” Alain said. What surprised Alain the most was the support. He loved that there existed a dedicated button to click when you needed help, and could be connected to someone at Coralogix in a short amount of time.

Changing the game

Coralogix has drastically improved log organization in the engineering department. “Coralogix changed the way we work,” Alain said. They’re no longer afraid of their logs, but are able to see the information they need to see–even information that they didn’t know existed.


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