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Custom Dashboards

Visualize Real-Time Insights for All Observability Data

Strike the perfect balance of ease and flexibility with out-of-the-box dashboards with the ability to fully customize to your needs.

Unify All Observability Data in a Single Pane of Glass

Visualize and correlate logs, metrics, tracing, and security data in a single screen for a clear overview of system health. Streama©, our in-stream data analytics pipeline, removes cost and performance barriers for centralizing your telemetry to extract real-time insights.

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Coralogix Dashboard TCO 1x

Build Complex Queries to Reveal Next-Level Data Insights

Build custom dashboards using an easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface and complex queries in open-source syntaxes such as Lucene and PromQL. Use multi-level group-bys to slice and dice your data in new ways for continual monitoring of granular performance metrics.

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Dashboard Program Manager

Resolve Issues Faster with Seamless Cross-Team Collaboration

Use dashboard filters to pinpoint performance issues in your system and monitor SLAs and SLOs. Drill down to investigate with a single click, and share dashboards with teammates for seamless collaboration and accelerated troubleshooting with full context into performance issues.

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Easy Adoption & Complete Workflow Integration

Integrate any data source. Transform and enrich your data on the fly. Use any syntax, dashboard, and webhook endpoint to realize the full value of your data. Avoid vendor lock-in, and streamline setup and adoption.

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