The Modern Observability Platform

Built for modern architectures and workflows, the Coralogix platform enables full observability without any coverage, storage, or cost limitations.

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Coralogix ingests, analyzes, and only then indexes what matters for faster, more reliable insights at a lower cost.

Real-time analysis, monitoring, visualization, and alerting

Savings of up to 70% using ML-powered data prioritization

Avoid billing overages, data
throttling and data loss


Log Analytics

True real-time monitoring, designed to help you build and release faster. Proactively monitor your applications and infrastructure in the context of your CI/CD workflow.


Metrics That Scale

Extract a wealth of business and user insights from metrics and log data. Visualize and alert on all metrics, with unlimited cardinality and labeling at no extra cost.


Cloud Security

Fully secure your cloud environments within minutes. A modern cloud security solution that enables Security As Code for automated coverage that meets the highest security and compliance standards.

Effortless Setup, Adoption & Scaling

Coralogix is easy to set up, with no complicated configurations, and leverages common syntaxes known to enable wide-spread adoption within any organization with no vendor lock-in. The platform also auto-scales to match your system growth for long-term success.

“Unlike most tools in the market, the platform is very intuitive and requires very little training to use which has led to widespread adoption across our entire engineering department.”

Roy Amitay - Head of DevOps at Armis

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