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Application Performance Monitoring

Database Monitoring

Gain complete visibility into database performance, database-service interactions, and bottlenecks across your entire environment for rapid identification and resolution of issues.

Stay on top of database performance

Get a comprehensive overview of database performance with a unified list of all your databases. Instantly access key performance metrics such as query times, query volumes, and failures for clear, high-level insights into your database health.

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Tackle inefficient database queries

Pinpoint the services and operations generating the most latency or failure by identifying slow-running queries and failures impacting your user experience. Instantly view performance metrics like response time, latency, and failures. Get more granular with detailed insights on the specific tables being queried.

Identify the services overloading your databases

Effortlessly detect the sources of database overloads and performance issues. Instantly understand which services and operations are consuming the most capacity, causing failures, or blocking other processes. Simultaneously troubleshoot both your databases and the services they interact with, ensuring optimal application performance.

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Troubleshoot from the bottom up

Quickly see how a single database affects multiple services without sifting through each service individually. Investigate individual queries at the trace level to pinpoint exactly where errors are occurring, streamlining your troubleshooting process.

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