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Infinite Retention at Lightning Speed with Coralogix Remote Query

Query your own Amazon S3 bucket, at high speed, without indexing or retention limitations. Maintain full data access for as long as you need, with the ability to uncover insights like never before using our powerful DataPrime analytics language.

Infinite Storage Without Vendor Lock-In

Store your data in your own cloud account, in an open standard format based on Parquet, for a fraction of the cost. Don’t allow your data to be held hostage by proprietary technology and formats. With Coralogix Remote Query, you are in complete control of your data.

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infinite retention with amazon s3

Query Your Archive Directly Without Reindexing

Leverage the infinite scalability of cloud storage like Amazon S3, and maintain instant data access without needing to rehydrate or reindex. Don’t pay premium storage prices for data like Compliance logs that will rarely be queried.

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The Most Sophisticated Cost Optimization on the Market

Using Streama© and the Coralogix TCO Optimizer, you can selectively index data and archive the rest to drive 40-70% cost savings without losing access or critical visibility. Never compromise on insights for cost again.

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Rediscover your Data with DataPrime

Run queries directly against your remote data using Lucene, SQL, or our very own DataPrime syntax. Tackle compliance audits and long term support analytics with confidence. With support for aggregations, redactions, dynamic filtering, schema on read and schema on write, explore your archive data in an entirely new way using DataPrime and Remote Query.

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