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Application Performance Monitoring

Modern APM

View system health at a glance. Troubleshoot performance issues and SLO breaches with contextualized visibility of interdependencies and correlations. Stay free with Open Telemetry.

High level and in-depth views

Expose potential issues in our service and database catalog views. Focus on actual performance bottlenecks with aggregated views of interdependencies between upstream and downstream operations and services.

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Automated service mapping

Automatically generate a live architectural diagram of your services. Simply ingest traces from your system and immediately observe every connection in your stack. Filter by service name, technology, cloud providers and more.

All your data without context switching

View your service’s traces and spans with easy drill-down into all relevant logs, infrastructure and more, all in a single interface for easy correlation and root cause analysis.

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Serverless monitoring

For Lambda functions, view triggers, the AWS account to which it belongs, region, runtime, invocations, errors, timeouts, last invocation, average latency, whether the function is out of memory and more.

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