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Insights at every level.

Intuitive APM for Every Use Case

See the behavior of your entire system at a glance and dive into the health of a single application in unprecedented detail, with the Coralogix APM feature set.

Every Interaction, At a Glance

Track activity across your entire system, and build up a clear picture of errors, performance bottlenecks, high request volumes and much more, using Coralogix Tracing. Filter by well known metrics, like latency 95th percentile, or deep dive into only the traces that contain a specific keyword. Explore your traffic like never before.

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Automate the Architecture Diagram with Service Map

Utilize Coralogix Service Map to build a living, automatically generated architecture diagram. Simply ingest the traces from your system, and observe every connection in your entire stack. Filter your Service Map by service name, technology, cloud provider and much more.

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Connect your Data Without Context Switching

Link together your logs, metrics, traces, and security insights in a single interface, and see the data in the precise place you need it without jumping between interfaces.

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SaaS Sophistication and Open Source Safety

Access full-stack APM without any of the vendor lock-in. Utilize open source tooling like OpenTelemetry and send your data to Coralogix without any proprietary pollution of your codebase. Defeat vendor lock-in, without sacrificing sophistication.

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