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High performance streaming needs high performance observability and Coralogix, powered by the Streama© architecture, consumes logs, metrics, traces & security data faster and more efficiently than anyone else.

Observability at Any Speed

Take advantage of the fastest logs, metrics, traces and alarms, anywhere in the market. Query millions of logs in seconds or months of metrics instantly, and enjoy seamless correlation between data types, without tedious loading screens. Where our competitors need minutes to trigger alarms, the Coralogix platform only needs seconds, thanks to the Streama© architecture.

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Visualize Your Data With Laser Precision

Architect your data to suit your needs. Using Events2Metrics, convert your logs and spans into flexible, high cardinality, granular, metrics that can be retained indefinitely and visualized on Coralogix Custom Dashboards. For a complete system view, explore your entire stack using the Coralogix APM toolset. Ensure your content makes it to the customer, every time.

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Track Even the Most Complex Problems

Coralogix Flow Alert enables customers to chain together multiple different events into a single, concise story with the root cause built in. Instantly connect network issues with SLO breaches, or sudden latency spikes with database CPU usage, all within a clean, simple interface.

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Don't Miss a Single Frame

Consume and visualize all of your data, without cherry picking, using the Coralogix TCO Optimizer. Streaming is a uniquely high volume, high performance industry, especially when monitoring VDN/CDN logs. The TCO Optimizer drives cost savings of up to 90% on Spans and Logs, enabling customers to assign use cases to their data and be precise about how that data should be used.

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Next-Level O11y: Why Every DevOps Team Needs a RUM Strategy
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