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Application Performance Monitoring

Service Catalog

Confidently troubleshoot your backend services with comprehensive data, full-stack correlations and clear visualizations of interdependencies, SLOs, errors, latencies and other key metrics. 

Check application health in a glance

Stay on top of application performance and any potential issues with an aggregated overview of all your services, any errors, latency, SLO status and more.  Drill into services for a rich view of all vital metrics.

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Establish and monitor Service Level Objectives (SLOs)

Define and view your SLOs to ensure your goals for optimal service are always met. Quantify risk with customizable error budgets so your development teams can take data-driven decisions regarding platform stability. Use your preferred message, whether UI, API or Terraform.

Monitor underlying infrastructure

Troubleshoot service errors and latency by checking the underlying infrastructure and related metrics such as CPU, memory and network traffic, all in just one click.

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Correlate traces, logs and metrics

Gain complete context and visibility into any issue. Drill into individual traces and view any related logs and metrics. Use your preferred view including flame chart, Gantt chart or service map.

Gain instant visibility into user satisfaction

Measure user satisfaction over time with instant visibility of your Apdex score. Configure your custom thresholds for response time and check if latency levels for each and every one of your services are within your accepted range.

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apdex view

Focus on real issues with aggregated, contextual views

Accurately identify and focus on actual bottlenecks with an aggregated view of service operations and how they perform, interact, and influence each other across services. 

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