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Your job is to care for patients and provide them with top-notch healthcare. We’re here to offer security and privacy in compliance with GDPR, SOC2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS so your patients’ sensitive information is protected.

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Are you looking for 24/7, expert support? Do you need lightning-fast and affordable access to your archived data? With Coralogix, you will enjoy one-minute response times from our support team along with full visibility into current and archived data at rock-bottom pricing.

Join leading healthcare organizations, like BetterHelp, that have leveraged Coralogix to bolster their data analytics while dramatically reducing costs.

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Cost-Effective Audit Compliance

Spend less on your observability and use that budget to provide more for your patients. Implement long-term audit compliance without the high costs of other solutions. Easily maintain an accessible, cost-effective record of your data, meeting regulatory requirements while maximizing cost-efficiency. With Coralogix’s Streama technology, TCO Optimizer, and Remote Query, you’ll get all of this and more.

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Total Visibility with APM

In the most critical times, you need a full-stack observability platform you can rely on, just as your customers depend on you. Leverage Coralogix’s Application Performance Monitoring (APM) for full visibility. Get the insights you need to accelerate your digital transformation without sacrificing safety, security, and observability.

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Future-Proofed Observability with Streama

Continuous innovation lies at the heart of Coralogix. Our advanced Streama technology offers enhanced speed, precision, and cost-efficiency in your data operations. Transform your healthcare analytics and drive exceptional patient, client, and partner outcomes.

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