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Resource Monitoring

Endless Visibility into Infrastructure Performance and System Health

Visualize your infrastructure like never before, with the power of in-stream analytics and world-leading operational interfaces. Designed by engineers, for engineers.

Effortlessly Visualize Your Entire Stack

Go beyond what can be done with a simple Grafana dashboard. See more than CPU, Memory, or Network statistics. Gain instant insight into how your Cloud Infrastructure aligns to best practices, with pre-built dashboards for Kubernetes, Serverless, and more.

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Connect and Correlate All Data with One-Click

Create an extensible developer experience that is perfectly customized to the needs of you and your team. Using Coralogix Actions, automatically connect any associated data such as Kubernetes pod logs or AWS Lambda resource usage, with a single click.

The Most Sophisticated Alerting on the Market

Tap into a myriad of advanced alerting solutions, to instantly detect known and unknown issues. Bake the root cause into your alert with Flow Alerts and accelerate your Mean Time to Recovery (MTTR).

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Create a Completely Tailored Experience

Visualize your infrastructure using any base metric and a flexible label hierarchy for limitless perspectives on business health. In the DataMap, filter for any field values to pinpoint performance issues, while the AlertsMap can render thousands of alarms in a single, scalable view.

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