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CI/CD Acceleration

Get Proactive Insights Into the Impact of New Versions and Releases

Accelerated pipelines and more frequent releases mean more pressure to quickly investigate and troubleshoot issues as they arise.

To help teams meet their goals, Coralogix’s CI/CD solutions enables full system visibility and can correlate real-time insights with specific releases without the restrictive costs of other solutions.

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Centralized Data Collection

A single, centralized platform for CI/CD observability, monitoring, visualizing, and alerting on all of your observability data. As log and CI/CD metric data are ingested, Coralogix instantly narrows millions of events down to common patterns for deeper insights and faster troubleshooting.

Machine learning algorithms continuously observe your log patterns and flows between system components and automatically notifies you when a pattern deviates from the norm – without static thresholds or the need for pre-configurations.

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Version Benchmarking

Use version tagging to correlate events to new releases and reduce issue resolution time, decrease maintenance costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

Generate benchmarks when new code is released and integrate them directly to any deployment pipeline to enable teams to implement better feedback loops and keep up with fast-paced development cycles.

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Reduce Alert Fatigue

Automatically detect unusual data behavior like error ratio spikes and log flow anomalies without relying on static alerts. With systems that generate massive amounts of data every minute, Coralogix is able to cut through the noise to detect critical errors without requiring any user input or foresight.

Using ML-powered alerting, Coralogix dramatically reduces false positives by removing static thresholds.

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Create Custom Dashboards for Next-Level Data Insights

Build custom dashboards using an easy-to-use Drag & Drop interface. Create widgets using complex queries in open source syntaxes such as Lucene and PromQL and add multi-level group-bys to slice and dice your data for continuous auditing and monitoring of granular performance metrics.

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Scale Effortlessly & Optimize Costs

Focus on creating value for your customers rather than investing resources to manage and scale your own in-house continuous integration solutions. Coralogix scales effortlessly alongside your system growth and can easily ingest data from new sources. 

Using breakthrough data prioritization, Coralogix is able to reduce your total cost of ownership and ensure that data costs don’t increase exponentially as your systems grow.

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Dekel Shavit
VP of Operations & CISO

On the first day, and without any customization whatsoever, we already received new insights. A week in, and our Ops teams across the board were already able to get so much more out of our data.
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100+ Integrations

Ingest data from anywhere and in any format using over 100 integrations or our REST API.

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